Ability to set a topic reminder for someone else?

I just came across a situation where I wanted to be able to set a topic reminder for another moderator and was unable to do so. I realize this is likely to be be abused by delegation happy admins but I still think it might be worth considering. A group of us share moderator/membership management duties and it would be helpful to assign a message to someone else and set a topic reminder at the same time.


Workaround: impersonate the user and set the reminder :wink:


Yeah, or in this one off case just tell the person to do it themselves and make sure they do it. :slight_smile:

But when delegating follow up to each other it would be nice to assign and set the reminder at the same time.

How is this materially different from using the assignment plugin and assigning the topic to that person? Seems identical to me.

The difference is that there is no topic reminder set. What we end up doing is assigning the message/topic to someone and writing a whisper with the request to follow up at a later date. This is not a major problem and in fact gives more flexibility to the person being given the task, but at times I miss the ability to set a specific date for follow-up while assigning.