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In a ‘Must Approve Users’ setup, is there a solution for automatically sending an email when a pending user is rejected? Optionally, with a reason or custom message would be nice.


Hi, second this. Is there any way to let the users know that their registration is rejected? Because as it is right now they get the message saying it’s pending and will be reviewed by a moderator… and being rejected, nothing else happens. An option to “reject and send rejection email” would be nice to have.

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I am not sure. What do you think @eviltrout? Maybe it should be an explicit action to send though since bad news should not be automatic.

I think it’s a good suggestion and maybe we should put it in the next release.

It would definitely have to be optional though - many people get really upset when they hear that they’ve been rejected and it’s much better to not let them explicitly know.


I would love this feature, we have very explicit rules in our forum for whom can apply / what fields need to be entered and we reject people left and right but they don’t know it happened.
It would be great if we could say "Rejected because of ’ or something.


Hey, is this still under consideration?

Our “staff approval for registrations” seems broken without proper feedback. We often reject new users because they fill incomplete details in custom fields. Providing them a feedback would allow them to register again.


per Discourse Version 2.6

Optionally allow users to know when they were rejected


I am still finishing this feature however I wanted to share progress.

If you want to reject user or reject and block - the new form will appear where you can put a reason and optionally decide if you want to send email to the user.

I think that reason maybe be useful for audit purpose - even if you don’t want to inform the user. Therefore reason is displayed under rejected registrations.

Does this flow make sense to you?


copy suggestion: “ Send rejection email”


Delivered with that PR:

We’ve had a report of moderators saying that this feature adds extra clicks to the process of handling spam accounts - accounts that have filled in their bio field without having spent any time reading on the site. These are obviously spam accounts in most cases, so there is no point in sending an email to the user.

I realize that sending the email is optional, but it sounds like the extra clicks required to delete the user are causing an annoyance. Is there an easy way that the extra clicks could be made optional when deleting spam users?


Any chance of allowing an admin to predefine a range of standard reasons for rejection to tickbox, rather than having to type the same things out every time?

'At this time we are admitting only new users who belong to the following categories : …

‘You have not provided sufficient detail that would allow us to confirm your status as a member of one or more of these categories …’

‘You appear to be a spambot, but if we have made a mistake, please feel free to try again, this time providing more pertinent information with your application that would allow us to reliably identify and contact you, and the basis for your interest in the material discussed on this forum’

‘If you would like to reapply, please feel free to do so, completing all form fields accurately and completely, and making use of the ‘biography’ field to make your case for membership if you fall outside the listed professional categories normally invited to join.’


Would also be great if the ‘Delete user’ option was described so as to suggest that informing applicant would be an option enroute.

Maybe ‘Delete user’ with associated tickboxes underneath that option; ‘Record reason’ and ‘E-mail user with reason’?

As presented now, the most obvious interpretation is that nothing other than immediate deletion is entailed - something an administrator would need to take an irreversible punt on even if they suspected otherwise.


I hear you here, but let’s wait to for a few more people to ask for this. For the time being maybe keep the list in some PM to yourself and mods, then you don’t have to re-author it every time.


This issue keeps recurring for me - presume plugin may be one solution, but have not found one so far.

In terms of baked-in Discourse functionality generally, for wider appeal could there perhaps be a global ‘canned reply’ tickbox selection function for requests made to administrators or moderators in any context where an administrator has made a call and some sort of meaningful reasonably personalised or context aware emailed response to an action is provided for or desirable?

  • Forum signup request rejection with reasons or suggustions
  • Post moderation result with reasons or suggestions
  • Moderator warning with reasons or suggestions
  • Account suspension notice with reasons or suggestions
  • Administrator services unavailable responses with reasons or date of return or similar
  • Thank you for your donation responses (where no donation plugin, but a credit card or other payment from an identified user is manually detected by admin)


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