Show a preview of the email that will be sent when rejecting users

This is regarding this modal when you select Delete User... from the review queue


It would be really helpful if staff could see what was actually going into the rejection email when they delete a user who is in the approvals queue. A preview would do this nicely, including user_notifications.signup_after_reject.text_body_template with the ‘Reason’ field embedded. This is the default template:

A staff member rejected your account on %{site_name}.


It has taken me 4 years to deliberately reject my test user to see what email is actually received. It was pretty minimal and unfriendly, so I took to the template and made it much nicer and specific to our use-case. But I would have done that 4 years ago had I realised what I was sending people!

Additional minor UI thing:

Also, it might be nice to have Send rejection email checked by default on that modal. Or have this configurable.