Add a HelpScout chat widget to Discourse

  1. Create an account to

  2. Complete the steps to set up the account and mailbox

  3. Click on Set Up Beacon

  4. Configure your Beacon

  5. Copy the scripts using the Copy button

  6. Visit your site at admin > customize > themes > component and click on Install

  7. Select +Create new
    then enter a name, check that the Type selected is Component and click on Create

  8. Select the theme(s) to which you want to add the new component to activate it and click on Edit CSS/HTML

  9. Go to the common > /head tab, paste your script and Save

  10. Go to your site settings and search for content security policy script src . Add this URL in the allowlist:

  11. Return to the homepage and you will find the chat icon at the bottom right, visible to visitors and registered users (if you don’t see the icon, do a hard refresh of the site)

  12. Now your users can start a 1 on 1 chat with your team

  13. You will be able to access the messages received from the HelpScout dashboard and mailbox