How can I customise the discourse-subscription plugin?

Discourse-Subscription plugin

On my community page, I implement a subscription that gives access to a group. I’m currently using the discourse-subscriptions plugin, but I encounter 2 problems :

  1. The plugin only offers one payment method (payment by card).
    In addition to the payment by card, I want to give members the possibility to subscribe by bank transfer.
    Is it possible to add other payment methods with this plugin?

  2. I don’t want the payment to be recurring, I want it to be a one-time payment,

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The Subscriptions plugin is tied to Stripe, and I’m afraid adding extra payment options is not currently possible.

I believe you can set up one-time payments within the Plan settings by un-ticking ‘Recurring Plan?’:


Thank you so much!
I have succeeded in setting up the one-time payement.
But its really unfortunate that i can’t add more payement methods.


This is open source software. You might consider hiring someone to create a PR to add the features you need #marketplace


Stripe supports bank transfers. Another thing that this reminds me of is that using a coupon that results in a $0 payment still requires a credit card.

All that said, until a bunch of people or an important customer want this fixed. . . .

Or, in my case, just find time to do it. :slight_smile:


Since Stripe also allows payment by bank transfer, is it possible to replace the current card payment method with payment by bank transfer?

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It’s possible, but I think it’ll take a few hours work. I’d be happy if it were supported, as it saves some money on larger transfers.

Hmm. It might be harder than I thought, as the process for getting ACH started looks rather complicated: ACH Direct Debit payments | Stripe Documentation. A first step might be a hybrid aproach where the ACH was set up some other way and then Discourse could just arrange to use existing ach accounts that had been approved already.


Thank you for your replies @JammyDodger @merefield @pfaffman

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I have noticed that you are talking about direct debit payement which is not actually the same as bank transfer. Do you think that the implementation will be just as difficult?

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Perhaps not. That was the first thing I found. You can wade through their api docs to see if there is an easier way. But it’s still likely $2-5k

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