Sub-category with read/write access not visible to a group member

(Anton) #1

From what I read here on Meta, each category’s access is configured separately.

Here is the issue I experience:

  1. Create a category and limit it to admins only.
  2. Create a subcategory and limit it to admins and group1 - give read/write access to both.
  3. Create a use and put it in group1 (not the group owner).
  4. Log in as the newly created user and try opening the link of subcategory - it will say “oops”.

(cpradio) #2

This isn’t supported

(Anton) #3

Okay, it makes it clear. Yet it contradicts to the principle that there is NO permission hierarchy in place. So actually it is a mixed thing.

Not a problem, just not obvious. A help text in the Security tab would be helpful.

(Jeff Atwood) closed #4