Add 'hide on mobile' parameter

As the OP says, more than 1 header link will break the mobile interface such that one can’t see the hamburger or the profile button. It’s really too bad that we can’t simply hide header links when on mobile but show them while on desktop.

You have the Hide on scroll parameter. Why not add a Hide on mobile to be passed which can have the value of yes or no.

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I probably misunderstood but the view option does what you seem to mention

View: vdm = desktop and mobile, vdo = desktop only, vmo = mobile only.

You can put as many links as you want (kinda), by using vdo view

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Yea I was mistaken. Silly me, I had it on vdm as default and didn’t realize it. It’s already good!

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I would like this too.

Essentially what I want is that on a small screen all links get hidden on scroll…

Right now I think I have to do:

  • Link A,title,url,target,vdo,keep
  • Link A,title,url,target,vmo,remove

It works OK, but it feels like a bit of a kludge and is confusing in the plugins list since the different text is cut off in the list of links.

To the earlier discussion of “mobile viewports” part of the thing I struggle with is that “mobile viewports” vary vastly in width. Right now, if I put any more than 1 plugin in the list I have issues with it running over the (more important) search and user menus. It seems like I want 4 links by default, but show as many as is logical. Unless there’s some other CSS messing with my setup, this doesn’t appear to be the default behavior.

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