Add IsTransactional:true to SMTP Mail Headers to satisfy ElasticEmail

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I did not find a way to add SMTP Email Headers when sending email? Since I am using elasticemail - they require to send all transactional emails with a “IsTransactional”:true header.

I checked the SMTP settings and looked in the internet but did not find a way to add custom mail headers to discourse. Does anyone know how I could do this?

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You would need a custom plugin.

Well I see and I guess there is no plugin available, which supports this feature yet?

Since I am a c# developer - I don’t want to dive into custom coding for discourse just for this feature :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of one. You can post in #marketplace (in guessing $500), but it would be much easier to use one of the supported services.

Edit: oops. It’s on the list. Sounds like it shouldn’t be.

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Elastic Email is on the list, I’m curious whether the header requirement is a new one, have you been experiencing issues without that in the header?

Recommended Providers

If there’s a new requirement from a recommended provider the team may be willing to add the header, or this could be grounds to retract the recommendation.


Well I found about this discussion: Remove (or merge) Elastic email Unsubscribe

People have complained about the Unsubscribe problem elastic email has and I have that problem too!

But if we can put the simple SMTP email header “IsTransactional” = true to all outgoing emails, elasticemail would automatically treat all emails as transactional and thus will only add a “Manage Notifications” footer instead of the “Unsubscribe” footer.

So in my eyes this is a must have requirement for elastic email and discourse?

It sounds as though it’s highly desirable, yes.

Well, it does say:

That is the quick and easy solution.

Since most everything would ignore the IsTransactional”:true there wouldn’t be much harm in including it, or maybe just not recommend them.

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Yeah I definately think they should include this header… even though it’s still not perfect, because you can’t avoid the “Manage Notification” link - but it is much better than the “Unsubscribe” link… :slight_smile:

Customising headers would also be useful so you can distinguish Channel on the Elastic Email side which would allow you to report by domain - important if you are managing multiple Discourse sites with one Elastic Email account.

It’s a bit annoying Elastic Email can’t distinguish source domain out of the box, like SparkPost can, but SparkPost is no longer an option now they’ve upped prices.