Add more language support for AI summaries

There is a small issue, the summarization feature works great but it generates summaries in English. However, the website is in Turkish. I wonder if the same error exists in different website languages or if there will be any improvements. Do we have the option to change the prompt applied for OpenAI in the settings?

And thanks for all…


Are you using GPT-4 for the model in the settings? We can certainly tweak the prompt to make it follow the content language.


no i am using 3.5 turbo 16k:

I tried to translate some terms into Turkish from the text section and when I tried it later, I saw that it summarized some topics in Turkish. If it was completely corrected, when I thought it would help, he summarized a different subject in English again. Can we do some improvement on prompt admin? Or should we wait for an improvement to be made for this?

Separate summaries are saved but a button to refresh would be nice. Sample English summaries will need to be recreated in the future. Is this build automatic or will there be a magic button to recreate it :slight_smile:

summarization strategy: Open AI's gpt-3.5-turbo-16k

not: I am very happy to see that you are interested. You are amazing.


@kuaza Have you found a solution yet? We are having the same issue. Our forum is in German, but the summary ends up being in english.

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I couldn’t find a solution for the question. I thought it would be fixed in new updates, but now I tried it, it’s still the same, the site and topics are in Turkish, but it summarizes in English. It may be good to create a topic from the bug section for this.

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Well, it’s not a bug per se. But it would be definitely a great addition to specify a different language in the configuration @Falco

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Our current plan is to tell the LLM to keep the summary in the same language as the posts who were summarized. That is still not the case, but we may be able to get to it next week. We’ve been hard at work on summarization:

  • Support for Open Source LLMs like Llama2, StableBeluga2, etc.
  • Support for summary streaming
  • Handling LLM API timeouts

So keep an eye on news here soon.


No pressure guys, you are doing a fantastic job and the pace you are shipping out new features is almost too hard to keep up with :smiley:

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Same here with spanish, I tried to fork and change the prompts but it won’t work (because tables seems to be hardened or something).

I’m glad to see that Core are working on this :slight_smile:


Thank you! I just wanted to add some cheers and tell you guys that it is an amazing function. In my forum it’s common with long topics and this makes life a lot easier and it’s appreciated in our community.

We are also looking forward to having our summaries in Swedish instead of english. :heart:

If one would be possible to edit / affect the instruction going to the AI-bot, would be great as well since one could add one’s own tonality.

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Jan, I created the first AI Summarization plugin. It is here:

It uses localisation strings for all prompts so you may find you can get it to work for you though you will need to edit the prompts (not many!)

The plugin works fantastically.

I’ve never tested it though for a foreign language. I’d be curious to know if you can get better behaviour from it in your language.

We will prioritise getting this localised, once done we will report back


Thanks, this is one of my favorite features of the plugin, and now that it works with full open source Llama2 models and with streaming for summaries it’s working better than ever.

What model do you use for summaries? I can ship this tomorrow.


Amazing! :heart:

I don’t know if I am answering this correctly, but the setting for “summarization strategy” is “Open AI’s GPT4”. We are using the OpenAI API-keys for the different AI-plugins. Does it make sense to you?


It works great in Turkish language, I test it on my own site all the time. You did a great job. I think it will work smoothly in other languages as well.

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The Ai summary and the topic name (especially in the private messages section) are always in English even though I have a Spanish website and all content is Spanish. I’ve adjusted the Ai-summary plugin for Spanish but I don’t know how to setup the topic name


This problem came back again. A conversation I started with a private message came back in English instead of Turkish.

I believe it will get better with time :slight_smile:

Just saying that we are working on streamlining our prompts which will get us better support for non-english generated content.


Sorry for bringing an old thread to live. I upgraded to 3.2.0 but I still have some problems that sometimes summaries are made in English and sometimes in my native Swedish. Is there any prompt I can prefix or do something?

No there isn’t AFAIK. But there is one trick you can try: chat with the bot is Swedish and right after that generate summary.

We should have option to delete or at least re-generate summary too.