Add new language to the list of translations


I signed up for Discourse Crowdin workspace. I’m curious if we can add a new language, in order to start translating, or there are some requirements for that. I wasn’t able to find an option in the Crowdin dashboard.



What language would you like to have?

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I’d like to add Kazakh language (Kazakhstan), once it’s added I can start working on translations or find people to translate. Thanks!

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I’ve added it only to the main project for now:
I highly recommend you find a bunch of people who are eager to help you translate Discourse into Kazakh. There are currently over 51k words to be translated which is a lot of work.


Yeah, core project is fine for now. Thank you so much!

Hello. Could someone please assist to add Malay (my) to the list? :malaysia:

Question: Is it possible to add custom, non-standard locale? I am planning to also include different spoken dialects of Malay.

Here’s the auto-translated file: (59.8 KB)

I still need to check the translation before I can create a pull request :pray: