Add New Users/ Change Post Timestamp

Hi there, I have a couple questions.

If I wanted to transfer new users from one site over to a different site, can this be done?
Is it possible to change the date of a post?
How do I disable a banner at the top of the homepage? Not the email banner that is mentioned in some other posts, just a banner with links to various posts.

Thank you!

Maybe provide a screenshot so that we can see what you mean

I would like to get rid of the “Zymkey 4i Documentation” banner.

Find the actual post and unpin the banner topic


You can bulk invite the users to the new site. [quote=“MichelleBarnett, post:1, topic:160081”]
Is it possible to change the date of a post?

Go to the spanner on the post and select time stamp


Thank you! How do I change the timestamp of a reply?

It’s a lot of manual work to do that.
You will have to move it off on to it’s own topic. Change the time stamp and then merge the two