Add option to Akismet to show staff members who agreed with 'mark as spam'

I just saw a flag appear by Akismet about a spammer. It was a new user, just created, and indeed spam.
But Akismet in the overview told me that 2 other staff members had agreed it was spam too. However, I could not see who these staff members were, and when (after removing the new user) I looked at user activity no staff members other than System were recently active.

I would like to have the configuration option to see exactly who of the staff agreed on marking the post as spam. We are a small staff and have no secrets among us. Enabling the configuration option could be an admin-only available setting.


We have a long term todo here for normalizing “flags” / “akismet” and “queued posts” into 1 review section. At that point I think we can investigate giving you more fidelity here.

At the moment it is not easy at all to see a quick report of what actions staff took against the akismet queue. I think at a minimum we should log a staff action when marking something as spam / not spam. @eviltrout I know this was a long time ago but do you recall if any auditing was built into akismet short of custom fields?