Add Template support for User Rejection modal

Hi, this looks intriguing.

Is there a way it could help me with canned emailed replies to people attempting to sign up to my private forum, when their application has not been accepted? (i.e. they are not yet forum users).

I run a small closed forum for New Zealand architects but regularly get applications from people outside this group or at least from people who have not provided enough information to convince me they belong to this group.

Many but not all such applications are from people I suspect of primarily wanting to market services or products to the group, or to seek an employer willing to sponsor their migration to New Zealand.

My aim with a canned reply is to inform applicants when the application has not been not accepted, to explain (again) what the membership criteria are, and where it seems appropriate, to invite them to try again, supplying further information if they still feel they meet the criteria.

Right now I have to manually cut and paste into the ‘decline application’ / ‘reason’ field every time. Would be much nicer to be able to select from a drop down list of canned responses when rejecting.


I was just about to post about the same thing!!! I want access to the templates for my rejection email.

If you are happy just having a single / simple reply you can edit user_notifications.signup_after_reject.text_body_template in the Customise → Text menu to have a standard reply. You can of course add to this with the reason from the field on the rejection modal.

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Thanks Nathan

Sadly a single option won’t work for me – I am keen to provide targeted information that will help likely genuine applicants and that is different to what I would send to others.


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I’ve got it working so that there is a nice template, which I can insert a paragraph into for more targeted information when needed. That isn’t a bad way to do it - not as nice as having a list of canned replies but it is sufficient in most cases.

Here is the text I’m using:

I’m afraid that we have declined your request to join the HiNZ %{site_name}.

We are a community which depends on trust, and we expect those who join to have openly shared their personal details with us. We also expect a genuine interest and/or connection to digital health in Aotearoa NZ.


You are welcome to re-apply, and we encourage you to tell us your reasons for joining in detail when you do. You may also contact us via to discuss this if you wish.

The eHealth Forum Support Team

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Thanks Nathan

I might have a play with my template along those lines so that I have a better starting point at least, to modify on a case by case basis


Sadly, it looks like formatting (via BBcode) is lost when the user_notifications.signup_after_reject.text_body_template is edited for use as a canned response.

Doesn’t seem to be the case when pasting the same text/formatting into the ‘reasons’ field in the Delete User dialog.

Am I missing something?

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Ordinary Markdown formatting codes seem to make it through ok - eg **text** = text

Good enough for my purposes.



This modal? Unfortunately not at the moment. But I’ll keep that in mind. It is surely I nice use case.


I wonder if long term we support a global keyboard shortcut, will be a bit hard to find but catch any text area in discourse


There have been a few times I thought of making a template for a chat message.

Hey gang! Time for lunch orders, please check the menu and reply here with your order. Today we are ordering from:

And then I’d drop the link in after :point_up:.


It’s alive! :joy:

Ctrl+Shift+I on PCs and Cmd+Shift+I on Macs. It will work inside any textarea focused on Discourse.

The new keyboard shortcut should cover that for you. :wink:


Awesome!!! That is a super simple and effective way to deal with that issue. Looking forward to testing it!