Looking for a developer to make a moderation add-on plugin

The task is simple! We need below as plugin for our discourse based website.

currently we message users about the reason their post is not accepted. it’s a bit of work, as in a message you need to say hi and bye… This plugin will solve our issue. Also need clipboard shortcuts for repetitive replies within that popup modal.

I can only pay at upwork.com! - No direct payments!

Budget: $50-$100


Did you try Canned Replies?


I also need Need simiar things


@nolo Canned reply is different! I need a post rejection reason popup modal at Moderation page /review while the moderator is rejecting someone’s post/topic!

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Yeah, I got that… but you wrote you need clipboard shortcuts for repetitive replies as well?

Also, this sounds like it will not only need a staff interface, but be integrated with user notifications. I’d suspect you will either need to raise your budget, or wait until/whether it becomes a core feature.

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If I could recommend an open source alternative:

It’s not built into Discourse, but files are easily shared between users where you can create personal canned/repetitive replies. This might be a good solution to your problem @TheBaby5