Adding a new tag in the default tags fields

I had a bit of trouble getting these up and running. I put these in before any users joined:

However, they didn’t work. Eventually I discovered it (wondering why my test email was so quiet). Deleted all the tags and re-entered them, but didn’t fix them.

I made it work in the end, but had to delete the tags, put in different tags, delete them, put the original tags back and then they gave me the dialogue (apply to all users, etc) and worked.

Sorry, I don’t understand. What are you trying to do here?

I was trying to have those tag settings applied to all users, which they do (now). This enables me to control notifications on a grand scale - or does until some user tweaks to their power and I have to depreciate them!

It just glitched, and this caused grief. I suspect it might be because the tags didn’t actually exist in the system when I set it up, but who knows. They certainly didn’t get applied despite the settings being applied until I fiddled with them for quite a while.

So you expected to enter a new tag here and it would be automatically created?

I expected it to apply even though the tags didn’t yet exist. Which I guess is the same thing.

So the tag has to exist before this setting is used, eh? My problem could have been avoided if

  1. you could ONLY enter existing tags in the setting or
  2. entering a tag in the setting creates the tag or
  3. it was explained that the tag needs to exist first

Thanks for listening!


Yes we should certainly fix this.

@vinothkannans can you add a validation on those tag settings?


You guys rock.

Ah, found /tags - I can make them staff only. Sweet - control forever!


It’s fixed in the commit