Adding More Statistics To The Stat Screen

So on the Hopscotch Forum, I know a lot of people who are wondering about certain things, and a lot of them are of wondering why they don’t have regular. And I know there is a requirement for regular that requires you to have read 25% of the posts created in the past 100 days. I thought would be a useful statistic to have as a profile stat.
So now I have been thinking of a bunch or profile stats that would be useful to have:
How long you have spent on that specific forum that day
A posts to day ratio (Days you have been a member or the forum/total posts)
How many topics you have replied to
Users that most reply to you
Most replied to topics

I don’t know how all the current stats are currently determined, like do topics views require ou to have posted in that topic?

I think these would all be very useful!

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There are already relevant discussions about it, these are the first ones I found with the research: