Adding rel='ugc' to all links on

we have increasing 404 and our SEO manager though this is the solution,
is this even possible? without touching the source code (backend) ? because we are mostlikey forked in discourse’ master.

As an SEO Manager, I want to make sure that all links UGC (user-generated content) has been mark up with the attribute rel=”ugc” to prevent spam links that can degrade our site value. This attribute is similar to nofollow but this is a more precise process for Google to identify that these links are UGC.

We must apply this attribute to all the links from the comment section:

< a href=“” rel=“ugc” >Link text

I have found this in admin it is somewhat relataed to rel=ugc

What 404 errors are you seeing and how are they related to user provided links?

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they just guess that without rel=ugc somewhat partake in increasing 404s.

Is it possible to add rel=ugc besides the rel no follow?

404s are external links hitting pages that don’t exist on your site. How do links from your site to other places increase 404s on your site?

The no follow setting that you referenced is the current solution for keeping your users from benefiting by linking to other sites. It might be possible to change that behavior in a theme component but I’m not sure.