Adding users to the "staff" group


A simple question perhaps but I’m trying to add users to a group. I would have thought that this was easier.

I’m an admin; shouldn’t I be seeing a link to bulk add users to this group?



You will see the bulk add to group and the add members buttons only on custom groups. The default groups have automatic triggers (trust levels groups). For security reason, in the case of staff, admin and mod groups you need to visit the admin user profile page to add users to those groups.

Thanks @Dax!
I’ve tried to add a user to a group in the profile page like this:

Am I doing this wrong?

Yes, this is not the right way.

  • A staff user is an admin, a mod or both admin and mod.

  • To add a user to the staff group you have to promote the user as an admin or mod (or both).

  • After that the staff group will appears in the Automatic group for that user. You don’t have to do anything else.

If you do not want to grant admin or mod powers to the users you need to create a custom group (with a different name, “staff” is already taken). See here for details about custom groups and category permissions How to use category security settings to control access to content


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