Admin and System users have 1 Deleted Posts warning?

I’m not sure how or when this occurred, but both my system and admin user (the one setup via the wizard) both have the “1 Deleted Posts” warning.


When I click the warning for either user nothing displays no topic or posts. Is there away to clear this from both users?

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I’m seeing this too. Wasn’t quite sure why is was profiled on my public profile page.

The deleted and flagged posts section on the user summary page can only be seen by staff users. Regular users will not see your deleted or flagged post count.

Clicking the link should display the deleted posts. I’m not sure why this would fail. There is no way to remove this through the Discourse UI. The only way I can see to remove deleted post count for a user would be to completely delete the post by removing it directly from the database. Directly removing a post from the database is not recommended.

Only staff users on your site will see the deleted post count, so possibly this isn’t something you need to be concerned about.