Admin Inbox not visible

i got a message, that there is a new message in my administrator inbox but i can’t see these inbox:

Only the inbox of the moderator group is listed.

Is there a bug in the current version? (2.9.0.beta1 [6f25f17360])

It doesn’t show up at first on my test site either, but if I change the ‘Who can message this group?’ in /g/admins/manage/interaction to ‘Only moderators and Admins’, and then send a message to the admin group it shows up:

Was the message in your admin inbox, or was it a moderator one? (eg. An approval, etc)

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I guess, the system wrote a message to the admin group. In the notifications i got a hint that there is a new one in the admin inbox:

In the interaction settings it was set that no one is allowed to write to the group. I changed this setting now and i can see the inbox. But the old message is not there… never mind, I’ll get the next one eventually.

Thanks for the quick help.

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