Admin/moderator option per user to trigger a reset bump date when an edit is saved

As a Discourse user at some point we will run into the user who constantly edits their post. When their post is the last post in the topic it constantly pushes the topic to the top of the latest list.

Some users know this and use this to troll the site.

What many users don’t know is that there is a reset bump date (accessible via the wrench) available to moderators and admins that resets the date of the post so that the topic is not moved to the top of the latest list. (AFAIK If it is a new topic with no edits then reset bump date has no effect).

It would be nice if there was an admin/moderator option that could be set per user that any saved edit triggered a reset bump date so that their saved edits do not move the topic to the top of the latest list.

Expanding even further on this idea would to be that TL0 and TL1 users would automatically have this option set so that their edits are not spamming the latest list.

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It would be nice to have a global option “don’t bump topics on post edits” (whether on first or subsequent posts) to nuke this bumping behaviour completely.

All we have right now is to limit the time on how long a user is able to edit posts AFAIK.



Also along those lines would be to add other types of selectors such as group or category.

So now the options would be per:

  • User
  • Trust level
  • Category
  • Group


  • Global

One other thing trolls are doing besides editing post is to delete the last post which also puts the post at the top the latest list. This should also trigger a reset bump date.

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Use stricter global edit rate limits (there are independent site settings for new users versus established users), or issue warnings to this user and if they persist, suspend them.