Don't show edited topics on top of latest topic lists


is it possible to order the latest topics not by the date when the last mod/admin edit of one of the posts in these topics were done?

I ask because I migrated a forum from phpBB to Discourse and have to edit lots of posts to get rid of broken BBCode. Not all posts can be edited by search-replace in the database. So now lots of old topics, sometimes more than 10 years old, show on to of the “latest” lists on the desktop page or the category pages.

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They’re only going to be bumped to the top if the last reply in the topic is the one being edited.

You can reset the bump date on a topic after making an edit via the topic wrench:

Thank you. I cannot say if this it really is only the case if I edit the last post. It feels that this are more topics. But I don’t now much about Discourse, so you must be right.

Is there a way to reset the bump date via console for all topics of do I need to go through the frontend?

As far as I know, it resets the bump date of any kind of bump.

A similar question was asked here, but there wasn’t a solution given.

You can use the bulk select to reset lots of bump dates from the topic list or search results if that’s any help?


Thank you for your replies. The bulk action does it for me. And I checked it, it is the last post only. Seems to be that I edited many last posts. :wink:


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