Admin's icon next to name in posts/threads

Hi there,

Is there a way to add a custom icon indicating if a user is an admin in posts/threads? I know that moderators have a shield next to their names, but for Admin, there is none.

I would like to customize it and add a custom icons that would differentiate between admins and mods. Is it possible? if yes, where should I look in the settings? Thank you.



You can create a closed group with a custom flair image and add the admins there, or you can grant a custom badge to the admins.

Groups → /g
Badges → /admin/badges


FWIW, several years ago, there used to be up to two shields, one each for moderator and admin. It was determined at the time that the distinction was of little consequence to average user which is why they were consolidated.


But there is already an Admin group there by default, why it’s not possible to edit that one and add a custom flair image?

What I would like to achieve is to put a badge here next to the name of admins when they are posting, the badge I would like to see it in this example after the name in the red box.

You can accomplish what you are trying to do using the Post Badges theme component:

Just make special badges for the admins and mods as suggested above, then add those to the component. (As an example, I use the component on my own forum to highlight users who have contributed financially using Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee:

badges admin


This is good, thank you. However, is there any other way to achieve this without installing anything? For example just modify some script and add only an icon badge for admins? I don’t want badges for every user which is suggested by the theme plugin component.

I tried the plugin you mentioned above but yeah it enables all badges for everyone to be displayed in the forum. That is something I would like to avoid.

So this is what I have done:

  • Created a group called “Administrators” I added myself there as a member
  • Created a badge called “Admin”, put a shield icon and on the groups dropdown menu created Administrators
  • Went to Post Badges settings in the theme and added “Admin” as badge to be displayed
  • Badge admin is visible on badge page

=> Result, I do not see myself added into the badge owner although I am in the Administrators group.

Where can I assign the badge admin to the group Administrators? Am I missing something?

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I figured it out, I followed the guide below on how to manually grant badge to users. Turns out you have to go to user/own profile and there edit badge and select the badge newly created, in this case Admin.

Now it’s working. Nice