AdSense Auto ads

I was also curious to try out auto ads. But it would require a way to add a code snippet that refreshes on every “page” load. Is there a way we could have a field in Discourse that would refresh inside the head tag on every page change? or perhaps some other idea on how we can accomplish that?

They work fine for me… (though I hate them)

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What is the site url? I’d like to see the ad refresh experience

I turned them off cause I hated how they worked. Sprawled through the site (randomly) not a great experience.

Users started complaining


Nice opportunity to tell your users that if they do not want advertising they can support the community by becoming Premium (via Patreon). That way, those who collaborate with some $$$ per month, will not have any ads. :rocket: :money_mouth_face:


Hi Sid,
Yeah we’ve got a patreon and some do support us… its silly I know…

Just implement this code, and your Patreons won’t complain anymore.


Has anyone seen any increase in Adsense revenue over time after activating Adsense Auto ads? I mean since it uses machine learning there should be some progress as the algorithm gets better through its experiences?

I’m also having this problem. The ads only appear when I refresh the page. Then when I click on another post, they’ll disappear again, aside from the banner at the top.

Also, I have disabled ads on certain sections of my forums (to comply with adsense rules) and the banner still shows up until I refresh the page. Then they’ll disappear

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Still I had this problem. If it’s resolved, my adsense revenue will increase alot. Recently we hits 600K pageviews, Discourse is just awesome but still the ads income is poor. :frowning:

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Are these Pageviews Per day?

All time pageviews. Around 4 months page views.


If you don’t mind the asking, I don’t mind the answering :wink:

For clarity, the pageviews of 600K are they analytics or adsense pagevciew metric?

What kind daily average for one or more: revenue, clicks, impressions or pageviews within adsense?

Yes but like most of Google UI/UX it’s incredibly unintuitive. I really don’t like their interfaces setup at all… but that’s another topic!

Auto ads > (click) NEW URL GROUP

Here you can specify specific URL’s and how the auto-ads appear or not! :unamused:

Discourse metrics. I don’t have GA or Adsense stats now, main admin have access to those. Later I will share the details with her permission.


Ok cool, general stats are fine. Like week or month vs revenue.

Well anyhow. I had a look there at our stats for comparison.

April 12 (Pageview Stats)

22,325 - Discourse:
3,970 - G Analytics:
1,910 - Adsense

Never having forum pageviews from previous forum as we do with Discourse, not sure what to make of the massive difference between Discourse Vs Google/Adsense stats. Thus I can not draw no conclusions and only consider is:

A) Uh OH! Something is seriously not working!
B) This is normal, there is a technical explanation.

This is probably getting a bit off topic so to take it back. In my experience, auto-ads once you get them under control don’t always give a great return but it can help with keeping the total a little higher.

You have to observe how they appear. So far they are not so bad in Discourse. The mobile one are often the most invasion with full screen display, these can really annoy users. I generally turn these off.



Discourse - 1.1M
Adsense - 233K


Thanks for the insight. Can you clarify what is the duration covered for those stats, a week, a month, more/less?

All time i.e, 6 months.