AdSense problems

Hi, I am unable to verify publisher code. I live in Canada and my publisher code looks like:
google_ad_client: "ca-pub-81875578…
and when I enter publisher number (without “pub-”) Google does not find it.

How can I get Google to verify (Moving to US is not possible at the moment) :wink:

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The “ca-” in “ca-pub-” isn’t a Canada thing. The ad plugin is already using “ca-pub-” according to Google’s instructions. How are you diagnosing the problem to determine that Google isn’t finding your publisher id?

Google won’t verify, and when I view page source there is no string with ad client ID anywhere on the page. Sry, newbie to Discourse…

Maybe you need to do the same as here:

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Nope. It generated following

`script async src=“
script src="/theme-javascripts/b066ca3b74adbe0d038d57380e72163b79e3f87e.js?__ws=here_was_hostname_of_forum"1st

Basically first line is ok, but it appears software will serve script as separate *.js file and Google refuses to validate it…