Adsense Plugin Will not take the publisher ID



Here is the screen shot

Here is my Google Adsense account screen shot

as you can see, i should enter the exact number without the pub-

what do i do?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Did you try entering the exact number without the pub-?


Yes but it will not work

(James) #4

Have you disabled *Adblock?


I have no reason to disable it.
I also have DF, Amazon, and CodeFund. I will sign up to those services but i prefer Adsense first because I already have that running on a different server + i already generated some revenue but not meet the threshold - so i would like to make them on one account.

(James) #6

I am so sorry, I meant to say **AdBlock :sweat_smile:


when did you became a magician? I guess turning off AdBlock or in my case, Ublock Orgin for the Firefox solved the problem! what a messed up world we live in!

(Neil Lalonde) #8