Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown)

It’s merged now!!:tada::confetti_ball:

Thanks to @RGJ for quick review.


Fix works great. thanks @fzngagan

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Guys, I’ve just merged in two PRs from @RGJ

  1. The toggle on category settings was broken which is fixed now.
  2. A new feature to allow crawler to see the locked content based on the setting category lockdown allow crawlers

Thanks for the great work Richard. :tada:


Is there a way to show pop-ups instead of redirecting to an options page?

Well, I found the answer here with the login popup.

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Quick feature request: How about adding a css class to the div for each individual topic?

<div data-topic-id="xxxx" id="emberxxxx" class="topic-status ..."></div>

Use case: I am using TLP plugin and I would like to blur the topic thumbnail and add an overlay icon. With such css class I would be able to easily target the thumbnail.

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I’m not sure it’s necessary, since the plugin is set for a category you can target it using the category-‘nameofyourcategory’ class in the tr tag. It comes before the thumbnail

If the name of your private category is “premium” you can use something like this

tr.topic-list-item.category-premium .topic-thumbnail {
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Isn’t that applied to users with access to the category as well? Obviously they are supposed to see thei thumbnails clearly :slight_smile:

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Can you post a feature request here @ Feature Request

Hey @fzngagan


FYI the wizard plugin dropdown picker does not list this plugin. I chose Custom Wizard instead.

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We’ll get it added soon.

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Anyone tested this recently with the latest version of Discourse? This plugin is crucial to my site but also has broken my site during upgrades :man_facepalming:

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I have it active on a test instance alongside the following plugins and components without issues. 2.7.0.beta9 ( 4da86210f8 )


Sorry if it’s a silly question, but I’m trying to make a Discourse with the following requirements:

  1. Unregistered users can see all topic but restricted to only 3 posts per topic.
  2. Registered (and paid) users have access to everything.

After 3 posts per topic, a ‘Register to view more’ box will be shown.
Is it possible with this plugin? Or any built-in feature. Sorry, I’m new to Discourse. Thank you, all for the wonderful work. Thanks in advance!

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No. This is a very specific requirement which would need some bespoke work to be done.

@fzngagan Would this plugin also work with the Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin and Discourse Docs Card Filter Component? My idea is to have closed categories’ cards as well as their posts showing in /docs as well. so that users will be redirected to the URL.

Apparently the TC pulls the categories this way (source):

  categoryInfo(category) {

The discourse-category-lockdown plugin breaks the Discourse Chat (Alpha). they seem to be incompatible. Too bad since the category lock is a great plugin and chat is coming up strong.


There is no workaround?

Everything broke in 2019. Maybe everything is still broken…

No, we’re using this in production since 2018 or so.

Did you see this?

Have you tried it with the chat plugin?