Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown)

(David Taylor) #1

This plugin allows you to restrict access to topic pages in a category. Topic titles will still show up in topic lists, search, user activity & digest emails. This is a great way to advertise the activity in a “members-only” category, which may charge for access.

It IS NOT designed to keep the contents of the category 100% private - if someone is determined enough they will be able to piece together the content from search results.

Each category has a couple of new settings:

“Locked down” topics will show a (configurable) icon in the topic list if the user does not have access:

Once clicked, unauthorised users will be redirected to a defined URL (e.g. your payment gateway). This link can be internal or external. The static pages plugin works great for this.

Plugin repository:

Thanks to for funding the development of this plugin.

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(Evgeny) #2

Hello. I have a question. How important is it to use quotes, for example:

category_lockdown_enabled: "Enable discourse-category-lockdown?" in this file?

(Régis Hanol) #3

When the translation fits in one line, quotes are optional.

(Carl Moebis) #4

Hi @david this plugin doesn’t appear to work with Discourse 2.1 anymore.

(David Taylor) #5

I’m running the latest tests-passed version of Discourse with this plugin and not seeing any issues. Can you describe the issue you’re seeing in more detail? Are you seeing any errors at /logs/?

(Carl Moebis) #6

The issue is although I set everything correctly, it just doesn’t work. Guests cannot see the private post topic titles. It was working about a month ago on Discourse 2.0.0 then we did a fresh install of Discourse and 2.1.0 popped up. By the time I got around to trying the plugin again it didn’t work. Same with Joe’s dl-teaser (similar plugin). As a matter of fact, it appeared that some of your settings were still showing up in Joe’s plugin setting for the category even though it was uninstalled.

I just see this:

Site marked as phishing site by browsers
(David Taylor) #7

For this plugin to work, the category needs to be visible to the public in the ‘security’ tab. It sounds like you might have it set up as a secure category. Can you post a screenshot of the ‘security’ tab for the category?

(Carl Moebis) #8

You’re right David. I don’t think I had it set to visible for public in the security tab. My bad. Thank you for the help!

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(Chris Handy) #9

just checked in on this plugin (which looks exactly like what i’ve been looking for) and it looks like the build is failing. anyone using in production?