Chat compatibility with the category lockdown plugin

Thanks for your work, we are doing our first tests and it looks awesome :slight_smile:

Can you make it compatible with discourse category lockdown?

We have a subscription allowed (and available with default trust system) and we keep that out of public.

Can you share a bit more about how you imagine things working with chat and the category lockdown plugin?

Would you want the channel to be visible in /chat/browse/open, but prevent users from joining? Or something like that?

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Sure, we want to keep some rooms only with subscribed people (and trust lvl 2) :slight_smile:

We love channels respect lockdown feature on specific categories, because we have some restricted but visible.

And Discourse Chat don’t get the ‘restricted but visible’ flag.

OK, I’m guessing what needs to happen here is for the plugin to add funtionality to support chat rather than the other way around.

In the meantime, how are you approaching this problem? Are you creating channels in a different category that is restricted and not visible instead?

Well at the moment we are not using chats, just testing a while with the closer crowd but I know it’s a matter of time that we will jump into Chat because we choose self-host and value.

BTW we are starting with community channels and start to figure out we can play with leaderboard, contests and small quests with Chat :slight_smile:

I hope that update ships soon, could be good for the engagement that I want to try with Chat (and still using Discord by now for casual meetings in app that people feels familiar).

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