Admin panel does not work

Hi there, I apologize right away, since I’m new to this, I updated the forum to 2.7.0.beta7, substituted the hash of the commit and made it, and now the forum works for me only when I’m not logged in when I’m logged in I just have a white screen.
Excuse me if I provided little information, if you can help me, I would show what is needed

Try How to use Discourse Safe Mode.

A broken CDN or S3 config can also do that, but I doubt those see your problem.

Thanks for the help, I used this tip and disabled my plugins there, after which I went to the forum and was even able to log in there. Now it becomes clear to me that the problem is in my plugins. Tell me if I can see the list of changes that were included in patch 2.7.0.beta7 somewhere to understand what the possible problem is.


The usual approach is to just add them back one at a time or use some other process of elimination. All of the changes are available on github.

If you want free help You can create a topic listing your plugins and ask for help. There a also often clues when you rebuild.

If you want to pay be $300 you can sign up for Automatic Rebuilds when They Are Needed — Literate Computing, LLC and I’ll figure out which plugin is the issue.

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