After updating Docker with one-click update, no Versions are showing


I’m encountering an odd problem I haven’t encountered before. I got an email notice saying there was an update for my Discourse install. When I clicked through it, I was told I had to update my Docker installation before I could update anything else.

I’ve seen that many times before and so I upgraded it using the one-click installer. What was different this time is that I was called away in the process. When I returned a couple hours later, I saw that the Docker had been successfully installed.

I clicked Versions up top so I could then update everything else. But when that screen loaded it was completely blank. It looked like this:

I then went back to the original email and clicked through to the one-click updater. Got the same thing

I tried loading the URL in a different browser. Got the same thing.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Other than this, my site is loading fine. I’m just not seeing anything now in the one-click updater.


You need to rebuild the app in the command line to solve this:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

I see this issue posted every so often. Is there a possibility it could be built in somehow to rebuild and do a fresh pull when necessary for these types of upgrades? I’m just thinking of folks in situations where running those commands might not be an option and support could be slow in responding to rebuilding and possibly do it outside of a convenient time for the site admin.


The whole application comes down for a rebuild, there’s nothing running to manage that process.

If a management process were created what would we do when that process needs to be rebuilt?


Thats a fair point, an obviously eventually there is a step that will have to be addressed manually upgrade wise. I would devils advocate that a management process should see much fewer rebuilds if its task is to be called upon to rebuild the application primarily. That should be able to be done with very few dependencies and very few rolling changes.

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If you don’t want to be upgrading so frequently, maybe don’t upgrade as frequently.

I don’t think you’ve made a compelling case for not continuing to provide enhancements to the base image. The need to update via command varies, it’s not particularly frequent and even rarer are the occasions where there’s dire need to do so.

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I actually didn’t realize I was making a case for that. I promise I am most certainly not advocating that updates are released any less frequently :slight_smile:

Just simply providing some feedback on what I think would be a qol feature, as infrequent as it may be and inconvenience. I have no problem running the command as needed.

Perhaps a meet in the middle situation would be that when an update is applied where running that command is needed, the admin is notified via the dashboard somewhere (or banner idk?) that indicates clearly for them that it is what’s needed. (This would perhaps reduce the amount of “I updated and now xyz is blank/missing/not working” posts as well that come across now and then)

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I just fixed the root cause that made that screen go white.

We had an upgrade to our docker manager plugin which was not compatible with older versions of discourse, I added some code to restore compatibility. Unfortunately once that screen goes white your only recourse is:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Thank you, Sam (and @gerhard!). I’ve had times when I’ve been prompted to use the command line to rebuild the app before I could upgrade, but this is the first time I encountered this white screen. Good to know there’s a reason for it, and that it led to a fix.

I’m rebuilding things using the command line now. :slight_smile:

EDITED TO ADD: The process finished and all is well. Version page showing all my plugins and that everything is updated.

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