Says update, but no update checker

Versions is completely empty ^ this never happened before until now


I can confirm this, on one of my client’s forum, After the conflicting docker manager upgrade followed by discourse upgrade, We’re stuck in the same situation where dashboard says update available and docker manager says already up to date.

Additional info: any future upgrade via docker manager just fail.

I’m assuming this should be fixed once it’s rebuilt but it would be better if the rebuild is forced in such cases.


I did ./launcher rebuild app manually @ /var/discourse and noticed this:

Unable to find image

Then it proceeds to download what’s expected. I’m still waiting, but it hints that something was missing.

EDIT: Works. Still a bug, though - need to let the user know what’s up, not just show a blank screen when he clicks the update button.

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Nothing is missing. A new base image is released and it needs to be downloaded. This is a normal part of the process whenever there is a new base image released.

Just to be specific, Rebuild has fixed our issue


Then this is still a bug – Discourse is meant to be intuitive vs other platforms that have you guessing. I’m fairly certain that clicking the “update now” button leaving a blank screen is not the intended way to go :stuck_out_tongue: It used to display special instructions to achieve this.


That was indeed a bug, that we fixed. Sorry about that.

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