Discourse_docker not forcing command line upgrade?

It seems that this is a security issue that requires a command-line upgrade, but I’m seeing a forced rebuild on only a couple of the sites that I’ve checked, and those seem really old.

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I’ve checked a bunch of sites today and none of them has the “You have to do a command line upgrade” message on the upgrade page.

Is this a bug?

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You have to update docker_manager first in order to see it. After you update the docker_manager, the next request to /admin/upgrade will show the message.

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I updated an instance today from the console.
I expected to see a message but didn’t get one.
I did a ./launcher rebuild app just to be safe …

Darn. Ok. I guess the old one can’t know that until the upgrade.

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This might explain something I saw: I did the docker update, navigated successfully back to the versions tab and then did the discourse update. All in browser and all apparently successful. But opening a new processes tab in another window showed me the static page telling me I needed to rebuild.

In a sense, I didn’t need to - and I haven’t. My discourse thinks it is fully updated. Is it? If it isn’t, what state is it in?

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