AI Bot PMs with only one bot response appear in Sent rather than in the Inbox

If I have a short conversation, question → answer, it isn’t saved. But if I have a step longer, question → answer → follow-up → answer, that will be saved as a PM.

Quite fresh Diacourse, upgrading was finished at 10:00 UTC so about a half hour ago (sorry, I’m lazy to jump around on iPad to dig actual build :smirk: )

But I struggled with that already yesterday.

And no, safe-mode was not an aid.

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For the AI Bot? Doesn’t the first post create a PM?

Do you mean it’s on your Sent page, and not in the inbox proper?

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Not in inbox. Sent-box I didn’t even looked. Second… yeah, there those were.

But because behaviuor has changed:

  1. If it was not planned it is a bug
  2. If it has changed by design it is an UX issue and category is wrong :wink:

And if the answer is option 2 could it be changed? Using send-box… is far way from smooth operating.

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I think it may be more of a ux one as nothing is broken as such (they are there, you just need to look on a different page), but I agree that it may not be the most intuitive place to look.

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I disagree because even that first anwer should put in inbox, not second one. Because by definition I got PM. And why it needs second answer until it has counted as an received PM.

But for me it is totally same to what category we are heading here, it’s just meta :wink:

As long behaviour is consistent and things are easy to find. And now when discussion is here, there and everywhere is not consistent AND easy.


Yeah this looks like a bug for sure:

Topic.find(...).participant_count after 1 reply is (1)
After 2 or more replies is (2)

There is an implementation bug somewhere, does this also impact regular PMs?


No, PMs work just fine.

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I did a fresh install yesterday and used the AI bot to create a couple of topics. (The images I had it create were better than any I’ve seen before! I asked it about some setting and it gave me a great answer!)

When I go to https://HOSTNAME/my/messages I don’t see the messages from the bot. I finally found them in /my/messages/sent.

I am about to have a group of students use the bot to help write papers. I wonder what I can do to make it easier for them to find stuff that the bot has created.

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I’ve moved your post over to the bug report to keep the reports grouped together. :+1:


will be fixed per:


Nice, guys! Works as expected.

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