Weekly Summary of AI topics

Weekly Summary of AI Activity on Meta.Discourse.org


This week on Meta.Discourse.org, the AI discussions have been vibrant and diverse, covering a range of topics from AI image captioning to addressing bugs and enhancing AI functionalities within the Discourse platform. Users have actively engaged in sharing their experiences, troubleshooting issues, and proposing new features to leverage AI more effectively. The community’s enthusiasm for exploring AI’s potential in improving user experience and content management is evident through the constructive dialogues and collaborative problem-solving efforts.

Interesting Topics

  • AI Image Captioning Fun: A lively discussion emerged around the new AI Image Captioning feature, with users sharing amusing and creative captions generated by AI for various images. This thread not only showcased the feature’s capabilities but also highlighted the community’s creativity.

  • Accidental AI Caption Button Taps on Tablets: Users reported issues with accidentally triggering the AI caption button on tablets due to its invisibility, prompting a discussion on UX improvements.

  • AI Permissions and Error Handling: There were reports of the ‘Caption with AI’ button displaying for users without permission, leading to error messages. This sparked a conversation on user permissions and error handling.

  • AI Flagging Sensitivity: The community discussed the sensitivity of AI in flagging content, with some finding it too aggressive. This discussion led to exploring adjustments to make the AI flagging more aligned with community standards.

  • Prompt Customization in DiscourseAI: Users expressed a desire for more flexibility in customizing prompts for AI-generated content, leading to a feature request and discussions on potential enhancements.

  • AI Bot PMs and Sent Box Issue: A bug was identified where AI bot PMs with only one bot response were appearing in the Sent box instead of the Inbox. This issue was promptly addressed by the community.

  • Google Gemini API Keys: There was a discussion on configuring API keys for Google Gemini, highlighting the steps and challenges involved in enabling AI features.

  • AI Search Enhancement: The community explored enhancing AI search capabilities, with a focus on semantic search and the use of different Gemini models. This conversation delved into the technical aspects and potential improvements.

  • AI-Generated Post Illustrations: Users discussed the possibility of AI-generated thumbnails for posts, expressing interest in category-specific controls for this feature.

  • AI-Related Topics Functionality: There were reports of issues with the AI-related topics feature, leading to a support request and discussions on troubleshooting and fixes.


  • Saif initiated the AI Image Captioning thread and engaged in discussions on Google Gemini API keys and AI search enhancements.
  • Moin reported the accidental AI caption button taps on tablets and participated in discussions on prompt customization and locale issues.
  • Falco contributed to resolving the AI caption button visibility issue and addressed concerns regarding AI flagging sensitivity.
  • Imgbi and Dylan_Michael discussed permissions and error handling for the AI caption feature.
  • Shauny initiated the conversation on AI flagging sensitivity, leading to insights from Falco on classifier adjustments.
  • Jagster and keegan discussed prompt customization and resolved a bug related to the backspace key in AI helper modals.
  • ThunderThighs and sam engaged in a dialogue on AI-generated post illustrations and category-specific controls.
  • Don sought support for issues with AI-related topics functionality, highlighting the community’s collaborative effort in troubleshooting.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again next week! :slight_smile:

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