AI helper does not always use user's locale

I don’t have any specific steps to reproduce the issue. However, I recently encountered a second instance where the AI helper modal did not display in English, despite making no changes to my locale settings. Below is a screenshot I took 2 weeks ago. Although my locale was set to English, it appeared in German.
The image shows a text input field with a placeholder saying "Enter a custom prompt..." above a list of options in German for various actions such as illustrating a post, translating into English, proofreading text, and generating a markdown table. (Captioned by AI)

This is the screenshot I took just now:

The image shows a text input field with placeholder text saying "Enter a custom prompt…" alongside buttons labeled "Traduire en anglais" and "Expliquer," likely from a language translation or assistance application. (Captioned by AI)


Hey @Moin,

I suspect this may be a caching issue. The list of prompts are fetched once and cached, but I believe it should be refreshed each day. Did you have your language ever previously set as German and then change it to English?

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I definitely had it set to German when I joined meta. Though I cannot remember the last time I used Meta in German[1]. So that’s why I did not report when it showed up in German. But I don’t think I ever chose French since I don’t speak French.

  1. I didn’t like to change the locale to take a screenshot ↩︎


It happened again

Bert is multilingual today.



@keegan the cache key here is not keyed on locale, so it will cache the localized version of the user who requests it first every 30 minutes

Ideal solution is to translate on client. Less ideal is to cache on locale.