Air theme hides "outgoing email disabled" warning

We had a client that spent quite some hours and almost two weeks trying to figure out why some emails were not sending.

We finally found that disable emails was set to non-staff.

But… wait, the first thing we check for when we troubleshoot emails is whether they’ve been turned off, right? And we don’t even have to look at the site setting because we have got the global banner telling us that “Outgoing emails have been disabled”, right?

Well. Not if one is using the Air theme. Because that just, well, hides that important warning?!!?

@jordan-vidrine why :scream:


We have this sorted now, looks like it was just a “shot ourself in foot by mistake” situation.

In dev the banners can get a bit annoying so we we can disable them like this, and local to our dev machine got checked in by mistake.