All threads and notifications link to the last post [2.8.0.beta4]

Hi All,
I’m working as moderator in a Forum using Discourse.

After updating to 2.8.0.beta4, we have a problem where every thread title or notification points to the very last post int the associated thread.

For example:

Suppose thread X has 27 posts, and I receive a notification that someone quoted me in post number 12. When I click on that notification, I would expect to be sent to:

thread X address/12

however, I get set to the very bottom of the page:

thread X address/27

Similarly, before the update clicking on a thread title would send me just below the last post I read. After the update, I am sent to the bottom post every time.

I hope I explained the problem well and was wondering if anyone else experineced this and found a fix.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


By default when you visit a topic you go to the first unread link,so at least most of the time what you describe is what I would expect.

I think if the notification was for a like then you’d go to that post, but I’m not sure about quotes.

It could be a regression, but I suspect that this is the expected behavior.

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thank you for the answer @pfaffman !

Sorry I think I did not fully explain the extent of the problem. In a nutshell, every link to a thread is currently sending you to the very bottom of that thread, regardless of what was your last read post.

So, also for “likes” notifications we get incorrectly sent to the bottom, instead of whatever post was liked.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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