Allow for decimals in point values

@Falco It doesn’t seem to allow for decimal values for points. How difficult would it be to allow such a thing? The editor allows you to enter and save the value, but when you refresh the page it reverts or goes to 0.

When entering a decimal value in the UI, it seems the PUT request is accepted with 200 OK but the value still isn’t saved.


For points? Or for the multiplier in Site Settings?

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For the point values in the plugin settings.


Ohhh for the weights. While allowing only there would be doable, we are storing only integers, so the system will be truncating score during many steps of the calculation, which would make the system harder to validate.

For the moment I would recommend using larger numbers to accomplish the same effect, where instead of having let’s say

  • Like Given 0.5
  • Like Received 1

You can use

  • Like Given 5
  • Like Receives 10

and so on.

Works fine for Final Fantasy :innocent: