Allow groups to publish pages

I love this feature, it makes for great PDF/printing, too.
That beeing said, the restriction to “Team” to trigger the publishing process feels odd.
For privacy reasons we try to restrict mods and admin (Team) accounts.

Would’nt it be a good idea, to link the feature to the trust level?

  1. the owner of a topic can publish if
  2. he/she hast trust level 3 or greater

It’s such a great feature - why hide it away.


I think because allowing people to create arbitrary urls on your site is a potential security risk. If you’re an enterprise customer or self hosted, I think that creating a plugin to tweak the permissions might not be too difficult.


You can use groups and wiki pages, including shared edits, and your users can then change contents of a published page without team intervention. Using groups is safer than allowing anyone to change published content. Anyway this depends on your type of forum.