Allow “Name" field to be disabled in registration dialog

(Alex French) #1

Continuing the discussion from Can't remove Real Name if Admin disables them:

(Apologies if this belongs in UX)

Feature request: Allow the Name field to be disabled on the signup dialog as a settings option.

As per the linked thread, this is to allow more anonymous use, for example when full names are already being hidden throughout the forum.

An alternative way may be, when the "enable names” setting is turned off, do not show the Name field in the signup dialog. (this avoids adding an extra setting).

Hopefully that makes sense…

This is kind of the opposite to Making the name field required or removing it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can’t you simply hide it with a CSS override? It is already optional.

(Alex French) #3

Yes, I believe it could be solved in this way. The reason I suggest a change in behaviour is that it feels wrong that when you disable all uses of the full name it is still gathered. Hence I’m not sure if this is actually a UX thing.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Good point, which exact site settings should this be keyed off of?

(Alex French) #5

I would suggest the “enable names” setting in the “Users” panel (at least in 1.2 it is).