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Allow users to send a PM to staff even if they would not otherwise be able to send a PM.


  • allow_pm_to_staff_enabled–Enables the plugin (default true)
  • allow_pm_allowed_pm_groups–Set groups who can receive PMs from all users (default “staff”). Separate multiple groups with a | and no spaces.


  • Add ability to choose receiving groups other than staff.
  • 2023-04-07 resolved a problem that caused group pages not to load


  • nothing right now

Sure. Give it a try. The default settings allow pm to staff for all users, given that pms are allowed.


If I just need to allow PM from all users to the staff then the above issue wouldn’t affect me right?

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I think I fixed that problem


Yes, the problem is fixed now after the recent commit changes


Seems to be working fine. Thanks Jay for the fixes!

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Hello! First of all, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful plugin :raised_hands:
Yesterday I installed this plugin on my forum, but I still couldn’t set up more than one group. When adding group names to the line, I tried using : ; , with and without a space, I even tried not to insert characters between the names (leaving only spaces), nothing helped - the line only supports one group. Tell me what am I doing wrong?:pray:
For example I want to achieve the following:

You need to separate with | if remember correctly.


Thanks, Richard. | is the separator. Do not include spaces.

Sorry it’s hard to tell.

It would be nice if I’d included text for allowed_pm_allowed_pm_groups. I’ll do that next time I update anything in the plugin.

I did update the OP with a hint. Maybe that will help.

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Just add type: group_list to the setting?


LOL. Yeah. That just might do it. Thanks very much.

It was long ago that I wrote this. It was at the edge of my ability and I wasn’t very good at finding out what types were available what magic type: group_list would do.

This definitely needs some cleaning up, but it’s serviing the needs of the person I wrote it for, so I keep not touching it.

I’ll add this to my list, but I’ve got a bunch of other non-paying work that’s in line ahead of this one.


Hello! Oh yes, it worked :confetti_ball: Deeply grateful for the quick tip :pray:


It’s not a big deal, but I’m still seeing this message during upgrades:

Running post deploy migrations
$ bundle exec rake multisite:migrate
Plugin name is 'discourse-allow-pm-to-staff', but plugin directory is named 'allow-pms-to-staff'

I even tried manually renaming the plugin directory in the container, but it eventually gets reverted.

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I’ll try to get that fixed next week


Are you using as the repo?

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