Allow TL4 users to see raw email source

Continuing the discussion from Forwarded emails and email-in topic creation:

Would it be possible to also allow TL4 trusted users to access the raw email source? I miss this on a regular basis.

On our system we are using TL4 instead of giving moderator privileges (including me) because we don’t want to have access to categories on a daily basis that don’t concern us (management team, mostly) and log in using a dedicated admin account to perform admin tasks.


That is a little scary since the user could then post as that user at will with the tokens in the email, plus it exposes their email address. I would not support this change.

I can see your point, which is why I would suggest it be off by default for
other sites that use TL4 differently or have admins and moderators who
should see all content across the platform.

How are other people using TL4? My understanding is that these are very
trusted members and that it is assigned manually by admin.

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It is a goal to have TL4 eventually be an automatic promotion, probably involving humans but without requiring an admin to do something. So that eventually won’t be valid.

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Would there then ever be the possibility of having an admin-specified role like moderator but only for the categories a user has access to? This is really the functionality we need, just for a handful of people in our community.


Just throwing an obvious idea: How about allowing all users to see the full email body, not the full raw?

That way we can at least check what was forwarded / replied on the email.

Right now I can only imagine few narrow cases on how this might be useful, so maybe it really isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: