Can the 3 replies per topic restriction be enabled on a per topic basis rather than site-wide only?

On one of the sites I visit where Discourse is used, there is a feature configured which appears to prevent more than three consecutive posts from the same user. There is one thread (an almost permanent one) where it may be desirable to remove this restriction, but I am given to understand that it is not configurable on a per thread basis (implying this site has set up this option and it can only applied site-wide).

Would it be possible to allow an additional option to allow a site to either configure this feature site-wide (as at present), plus configure it per thread, or perhaps site-wide with specified threads exempted?

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This only impacts new users on the site, at the moment there is no way to provide a per topic bypass here.

Sam, I think you misunderstood my post. I did not say I was talking about “here”.

I was talking about a different place entirely, that uses Discourse. (I am not a new user there, either, BTW.)

So, I was asking about a new configuration option in the generally released software.

(ETA that I now notice you’ve changed the title of the thread and of course it does not reflect what I was actually enquiring about. I’ve edited it.)

This sounds like the topic is being used more like a chat room, is that accurate? we’ll likely have an official chat feature within the next year that may be better suited for these situations.

We don’t have any plans to allow individual topics to opt-out of site settings.

I guess you might think that it is more chatty than single-purpose threads. The thread in question is a permanently open thread on a very specific topic and people add to it on an almost daily basis.

But might you consider it as a possible candidate for including in future plans? :wink:

I’m not sure whether the site in question would want or need a chat facility.
(If I could PM you I’d mention the site name. Are you able to PM me? @codinghorror can probably guess which one it is.)

Note that if you are the topic owner this restriction does not apply.

Thanks, Jeff.

But I am never the topic owner. I was just commenting on an issue noted as a user on a place where the admin suggested that I should raise the need for a feature, here. You know where, I’m sure.
If the feature were delivered, I’m sure it would be used for one or two permanent threads there.

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