Allowing some users to make a group

We are configuring Discourse with an additional field for users at the time of registration to select a role Teacher/TeacherEducator/Researcher/Student/Citizen etc. We would like to let the teachers to create public groups, but we cannot make them staff.

Even if we can create a group for each teacher and make each teacher an admin of the group, that will also work for us.

Any suggestions on how we can do this? Thanks in advance!

That’s no problem. You can create the groups and make the teachers the owner of the group so that they can control membership. You could also create a category that was accessible only to group members.


Thanks. For this the admin have to create the group and handover the ownership to one of the users.

If there is a way how any user who reaches a level (say 3) is allowed to create a public group, that will work just fine for our need.

I don’t believe so. There might be a plugin that creates a private group for users, but you’ll need to search here.