Altering length of account on hold for typing too fast

Currently seems like the system temporarily hold accounts that “type too fast” after creating a new account as a measure to prevent bots.

Which is fine. However, I don’t understand if there is somewhere an option to change this length. I would prefer is those users are suspended for a longer time so that I can be sure that someone from staff review it. Currently, the time windows seem very short (but it might depend on from the availability of your staff I suppose)

I thought they were silenced for 1000 years (effectively, ‘until a staff member deals with it’).

I’ve dug out an example from here on meta - ‘@system silenced this account until December 23, 3023. Reason: New user typed too fast’


Weird, maybe some moderator unblocked the users without me noticing. I’ll double check next time it happens. Cheers