Alternate presentation of sub-categories which puts the _top_ category first?

A picture is probably worth a thousand words here. This is the Ask Fedora category on the Fedora Discussion site. This category has three subcategories: Start Here, Common Issues, and Ask in Other Languages. Like so:

I have looked at the various out-of-the-box options for displaying the subcategories, and they all leave me with a problem: the subcategories look more important than the top-level posts.

The presentation works fine when the top level category is empty, and posts only in subcategories. But with an active top-level, it doesn’t feel right. Do others get the same sense, or at least see what I mean? Or do I need to explain more?

If the topic list weren’t infinite scroll, I’d consider putting the subcategories under the topic list… but that doesn’t feel quite right.

The fact that the breadcrumbs/nav refers to the top-level as “none” doesn’t really help matters either. I’d almost like that to duplicate “Ask Fedora” instead.

Any ideas on how to emphasize the top level category as The Main Attraction, while still making the subcategories easy to find?

I have thought about this myself and tend to agree that the subcategory at top format can be a bit misleading with respect to importance of content.

There is this theme component which can put subcategories in a right sidebar.

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Thanks for the suggestion… that might work! We’re currently using Tag Sidebars and I’ll have to see if those can coexist…