Amend "flag to re-open" to topic-is-closed posts

Continuing the discussion from Contributor Interviews – Felix "fefrei" - #19 by vinothkannans

This is a great idea, but it’s not quite as easily implemented as it may seem. Searching for closed in Customize → Text Content yields quite a number of text elements.

To start with, it’s not immediately clear which ones of these need to be customized to achieve the desired outcome. But even if one goes ahead and edits all of those that look like they should be edited, it’s quite a pile of work. And when you realize that maybe one of them should not have been changed, you need to figure out which one that was.

So, if there is widespread support for adding “flag to re-open” to those text elements, maybe that could become the default. In any case, it would be great if a new text element containing “Flag to re-open” could be added and that variable would then be inserted in all relevant text elements. That way, changing or deleting that part, only requires editing one copy, instead of more than a dozen.

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