Anyone know of a free domain name service that has DKIM and SPF?

I tried no IP, but:

They make you pay for DKIM and SPF :confused:. So does anyone know of a free domain hosting service that has DKIM and SPF? Because I need those two for Discourse to send emails…

Do you have a domain name? Every dns registrar lets you create those records.

Or do you not want to register your own domain?


You can obtain a free .tk domain at And use a free DNS:


They’re only free for the first 12 months, after which time you need to pay to renew your domain.

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I have a No-IP subdomain. So I just have a subdimain, not a domain. I just want emails to work.

I see. I guess I underestimate how much money fifteen dollars is.

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Do you mean the .tk domains? I don’t think so:


How do you prove you own the domain to the DNS provider?

It works with DNS delegation, like any other registrar. Maybe I don’t understand your question.

What prevents a third party from going to and setting up DNS records that relate to your free domain?

It’s how DNS works. Basically, the name server at the top level domain would have to point to the zone at Zonomi, and you control that. (I’m sure my terminology is incorrect.)

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Got it, so you can change the name server at your domain registrar, in this case

Yes, you can do that.

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I don’t think y’all understand. I’m 13 years old and I have no money. My parents don’t want to spend a cent on it because they think forums are a waste of time.

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Like stated try Ive used them in the past or try using Mailgun for email

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But they expire after 12 months

Yup! That’s what I missed.

So true! A huge waste of time! I spend as much time on forums as my wife does being a professor. I make more, though. :wink:

If you want a subdomain of or, send me an email and I’ll hook you up.


I cant tell if your being sarcastic or not. I dont think forums are a wate if time. They can help you if you have problems…

I was being sarcastic. I make my entire living installing, supporting, migrating, and sometimes writing plugins for Discourse. Only some of that time is wasted. :wink:


Paper runs … mowing of lawns … milk runs … walking dogs.

I did a lot of ‘Paper runs … mowing of lawns’ when I was 13.

Money is a medium of exchange. Looks for ethical ways to exchange something you can do for someone else which will help you do what you want.

The people you want to serve with the forum … they might be open to an exchange … you might ask them for a subscription committment. 30 people … 50c a year from each … 15 dollars. Voila!