Anyone tried to implement a slipbox/zettelkasten in Discourse

So, has anyone tried using Discourse for a knowledge management system? Using Topics as cards, (or “slips”,) in the Zettelkasten.

Zettelkasten is usually mentioned as a note-taking method. However, the end goal of Zettelkasten is not gathering and collecting notes, but rather creating a competent and knowledgeable communication partner . The main interaction with the slip-box is not when we are writing and adding new notes, because the slip-box is not there to be an archive of our memory and knowledge. Slip-box is there to be an apparatus with which we think. Therefore, the main interaction is when we communicate with the slip-box by confronting ourselves and our thinking with our prior knowledge.

From, Understanding Zettelkasten, which is a good intro to slip boxes, or “zettelkasten.” Zettelkasten were famously used by Niklas Luhmann.


Out of curiosity: what would the added value for users be to follow “Zettelkasten” system as opposed to current topic structure with tags and categories?

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I don’t pretend to understand zettelkasken, but Kanban Board Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta might be a starting place.